CCC Intelligent Solutions Holdings Inc (NASDAQ: CCCS): Getting A Free Pass?

CCC Intelligent Solutions Holdings Inc (NASDAQ:CCCS) shares, rose in value on Thursday, May 16, with the stock price up by 0.55% to the previous day’s close as strong demand from buyers drove the stock to $10.84.

Actively observing the price movement in the recent trading, the stock is buoying the session at $10.78. Referring to stock’s 52-week performance, its high was $13.41, and the low was $9.26. On the whole, CCCS has fluctuated by -5.09% over the past month.

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Projections by analysts suggest varying estimates for the company’s quarterly revenue. Analysts have estimated the company’s revenue for the quarter at 948.11M, with a low estimate of 229.4M and a high estimate of 232.35M. Wall Street analysts also predicted that the company’s y-o-y revenues would reach 230.16M.

Technical indicators serve as essential tools for traders, offering insights into market sentiment and potential price movements. We see that CCCS’s technical picture suggests that short-term indicators denote the stock is a 100% Sell on average. However, medium-term indicators have put the stock in the category of 50% Buy while long-term indicators on average have been pointing out that it is a 100% Sell.

The stock’s technical analysis shows that the PEG ratio is about 0, with the price of CCCS currently trading nearly -1.87% and -6.26% away from the simple moving averages for 20 and 50 days respectively. The Relative Strength Index (RSI, 14) currently indicates a reading of 41.27, while the 7-day volatility ratio is showing 1.98% which for the 30-day chart, stands at 2.20%. Furthermore, CCC Intelligent Solutions Holdings Inc (CCCS)’s beta value is 0.60, and its average true range (ATR) is 0.23.

A comparison of CCC Intelligent Solutions Holdings Inc (CCCS) with its peers suggests the former has fared considerably weaker in the market. CCCS showed an intraday change of 0.55% in today’s session so far, and over the past year, it grew by 12.44%%.

Data on historical trading for CCC Intelligent Solutions Holdings Inc (NASDAQ:CCCS) indicates that the trading volumes over the past 3 months, they’ve averaged 3.64 million. According to company’s latest data on outstanding shares, there are 603.13 million shares outstanding.

Nearly 51.09% of CCC Intelligent Solutions Holdings Inc’s shares belong to company insiders and institutional investors own 45.07% of the company’s shares. The stock has fallen by -4.84% since the beginning of the year, thereby showing the potential of a further growth. This could raise investors’ confidence to be optimistic about the CCCS stock heading into the next quarter.

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