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Turning Focus Towards GNCC Capital (GNCP) Stock

GNCC Capital Inc (GNCP) closed the last session at $0.0002 after seeing a rise of 100.00% that brought its market cap to $8.57M. The GNCP stock traded 124.39M shares recently, less than its average daily volume of 208.60M. In addition, the GNCP shares have been trading in a range of $0.0001 to $0.0002. The pink sheets GNCP has 85.74B shares outstanding vs 26.34B float. GNCP stock surged following its move to acquire lithium assets.

Which claims GNCP is attempting to get?

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GNCC Capital has interests in Gold and Silver Mining Exploration Properties, to be specific: “White Hills”, “Yarber Wash”, “McCracken” and “Pearl Spring”. GNCP is offering to procure Lithium Lode Claims.

GNCC Capital is has now given further and more detailed data on its obtaining proposition to enter the Lithium Exploration Sector.

  • GNCP affirmed that it won’t uncover the Seller, State where the Claims are found nor geological co-ordinates.
  • To do as such would be exceptionally biased while GNCP is chipping away at fulfilling these exchanges.
  • It would then allow GNCP contenders to recognize these Claims which would bring about an offering war.
  • GNCP had to end all work on these acquisitions, financing, and so forth until it was reestablished to that of PINK CURRENT which GNCP accomplished on December 30, 2021.
  • The Financing prerequisites GNCP was using expected it to be PINK CURRENT as far as the SEC Rules and Regulations.
  • Cost of these acquisitions has physically expanded because of the Seller offering fundamentally and substantially more Claim Blocks to GNCP; and just on late Thursday last week.
  • In this underlying data being revealed to its Shareholders, GNCP gas endeavored to keep it as brief and compact as could be expected. GNCP will deliver more definite reports as material arrangements are fulfilled.
  • Expenses of obtaining the gathering of different lithium claims incorporates CLAIM GROUP 1 with 24 Lode Claims adding up to 460 sections of land at a cost of $1,650,000 and CLAIM GROUP 2 having 24 Lode Claims and 27 Placer Claims adding up to 1,020 sections of land with an expense of $1,650,000; all payable in real money.
  • GNCP has been compelled to stretch out due determination because of expanded measure of Claim blocks being presented by the Seller.
  • GNCP Executive Chairman, Ron Lowenthal helped by USA Corporate Counsel will be liable for the exchanges with Fundco.
  • GNCP President, Ted Blom will supervise the essential due ingenuity and afterward heading out to the USA to invest the fundamental time of energy with Seller and different specialists to investigate the Properties.

How GNCP will pay to procure the claims?

GNCC Capital (GNCP) is in plans to obtain both Claim Groups 1 and 2 for a measure of $3,300,000 in real money. Moreover GNCP requires an extra beginning $700,000 in real money for working capital and the initiation of additional investigation work.

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