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Nora Atcheson
Category: Finance
Email: atcheson@stocksregister.com
I hold a PhD in the field of epidemiology a master’s degree in public health. My undergraduate training is in policy, economics and the sciences. I have utilized my training in employment with government, academia, private industry and to further analyze the fundamentals and techinicals of all manner of companies in different sectors. Specifically, I like to trade growth companies, REITS, biotechnology/ pharmaceuticals and small-cap companies. I have been investing for about 10 years. I also enjoy trading short expiration options, and investing in stocks with 3-20 year horizons. I enjoy writing with Seeking Alpha to share my opinion and analyses. I am a large believer in the crowd source model championed by Seeking Alpha and believe every ounce of analysis and opinion should be considered when you invest your personal finances.

Kaden Berrington
Category: Finance
Email: berrington@stocksregister.com

Kaden Berrington is a software/firmware/marketing professional and a long time investor. She has worked in the networking field, the semiconductor equipment field, the mainframe computer field, and the pharmaceutical/scientific instrumentation field. She has bachelor’s degrees in bioresource sciences and biochemistry from U.C. Berkeley. Kaden Berrington is a former Ph.D. student in biochemistry. She has done significant graduate work in EECS and business at Stanford (through SITN) and UC Santa Cruz Extension, and she was awarded a Certificate in Advanced Software Systems (about 1/3 of an MS in EECS) by the Stanford Computer Science Department. Kaden also took most of Stanford’s undergraduate Computer Science curriculum.

Stacy Lee

Category: Bussines

Email: s_lee@stocksregister.com

Stacy Lee is the creator of F.A.S.T. Graphs™. Stacy  is also co-founder of an investment management firm. She has been working in the securities industry since 1970: she has been a partner with a private NYSE member firm, the President of a NASD firm, Vice President and Regional Marketing Director for a major AMEX listed company, and an Associate Vice President and Investment Consulting Services Coordinator for a major NYSE member firm. Prior to forming his own investment firm, Lee was a partner in a 30-year-old established registered investment advisory in Tampa, Florida. Stacy holds a Bachelor of Science in Economics and Finance from the University of Tampa. Stacy is a sought-after public speaker who is very passionate about spreading the critical message of prudence in money management.

Charles Durham
Category: Companies

Email: durham@stocksregister.com

Charles Durham spent about 15 years at world renowned Value Line, the Publisher of The Value Line Investment Survey. During this time he worked in various facets of the company’s research efforts, including equities, mutual funds, convertibles, and options. For six years, he directed all of the company’s research efforts as Value Line’s Executive Director of Research. Today he writes about the things that interest him.