Stocks under $1 are too good to miss.

In the recent years, Blue chip stocks and stocks under $1 were particularly affected by the economic climate, especially at the peak of Covid-19. There have been new strains of the disease emerging recently, so the disease is still spreading across the globe though with milder symptoms and better cures.

In response to these fears, the financial markets have become more volatile and uncertain. Although blue-chip stocks have been flat lately, stocks under $1 have done well. There is little regulation surrounding penny stocks, so it is relatively easy to make intraday profits.

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While high volatility makes the best stocks under $1 conducive to profiting from market movements, it also makes them risky investments unless you understand their behavior.

Best Stocks Under $1:

In order to make a smart investment decision, you should research relevant stocks. You can achieve similar returns to Fortune 500 stocks by carefully managing the metrics and fundamentals of stocks under $1.So here we have collected for you a few best stocks under $1 to invest in after doing a complete research on it. Listed below are the best stocks under $1.

Unity Biotechnology Inc:

The price of UBXmoved down by -$0.05 during the normal trading session on Wednesday to trade at $0.85. The Unity Biotechnology Inc. (ubx) stock has a trading volume of 0.48 million shares, which is low, compared to its average daily volume of 1.06M shares.

Unity Biotechnology Inc. (NASDAQ: ubx) share prices have decreased by -18.87% over the past week, but are down -65.37% in the last quarter. Going further back, the stock’s price has tanked -73.63% over the last 6 months but is down -41.65% in year-to-date trading.

9 Meters Biopharma Inc

9 Meters Biopharma Inc.  (NMTR) kicked off the trading day on 02/23/22 with a price decrease of -6.65%, equivalent to -$0.04 relative change for the day. Taking a more long-term approach, nmtr had a 52-week range of $0.61 to $1.88. At the time of this article’s publishing, this stock is trading at $0.58.

In terms of its performance, nmtr is down -68.31% over the past year, and it is down -16.55% over the last week. The stock’s price index is -22.67% lower over one month and -46.79% lower over three months. It is showing a -52.85% return in the past six months.

CohBar Inc.

CohBar Inc. (CWBR) is priced at $0.26 after the most recent trading session. The stock price was reached a high price of $0.2745, prior to closing the session it reached the value of $0.26. The stock touched a low price of $0.25.

Cwbr stock lost -11.86% during the last week and fall -10.53% over the last one-month period. Shares of this company’s stock fall -47.60% throughout the last quarter. Within the last six months, the stock has decreased -78.69%, with a full-year loss of -84.52%. At the time of writing, this stock’s year-to-date (YTD) price performance is now negative at -25.69%.

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