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How Did The MGP Ingredients (MGPI) Stock Rise 5% In After-hour Trades?

Shares of MGP Ingredients Inc. (NASD: MGPI) were up 5.03% at $125.90 at last check in after-hours trading as the branded spirits and distillation solutions pioneer has joined a social awareness initiative.

Which initiative has MGPI joined?

An industry-wide initiative to stop underage drinking in the US is being supported by MGP Ingredients (MGPI). Everyone in the community, from parents to on- and off-premise vendors, is reminded through the campaign “We Don’t Serve Teens” that they all have a responsibility to prevent children from obtaining alcohol. “We Don’t Serve Teens” educates the public and offers tactics to deter selling, serving, or supplying underage drinkers using social media, point-of-sale materials, and an internet presence.

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The branded spirits subsidiary of MGP Ingredients will promote the campaign across its family of luxury spirits, including Everclear and Salvador’s, as well as daily favorites like Yellowstone Select Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, El Mayor Tequila, and Remus Straight Bourbon Whiskey. The campaign will also be promoted by Lux Row Distillers, Limestone Branch Distillery, and the Luxco LinkedIn profile.

The partners in the “We Don’t Serve Teens” project want to maintain those statistics moving in the right way, despite the fact that teen drinking has decreased to historically low levels over the previous 25 years.

According to a recent poll, there is still more to be done in this area. In the December 2021 Monitoring the Future Survey, 77% of seniors in high school stated that it was simple to obtain alcohol if they want it. “We Don’t Serve Teens” also conducted an additional study, which revealed that 85% of respondents do not assume that teens buy alcohol themselves.

How is MGPI contributing its part?

Being a member of the “We Don’t Serve Teens” project would enable MGP Ingredients (MGPI) to maintain its long-standing commitment to being a good corporate citizen and a good neighbor by promoting timely education and awareness. Through its MGP Distillery Collective Facebook page, an industry-focused forum that promotes conversation about all facets of distilling, MGPI’s distilling solutions section will participate in the campaign. MGPI will take part through its LinkedIn profile as well.

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