NeoVolta (NEOV) Soared On The Heels Of Product Recognition

NeoVolta Inc. (NASDAQ: NEOV) experienced a significant uptick in its stock valuation during the prior trading session, registering a noteworthy increase of 10.00% to $2.09. This positive movement in NEOV shares closely trailed a notable acknowledgment received by one of its products.

Recently, NeoVolta (NEOV) earned placement in Solar Power World’s prestigious “Top Solar Storage Products” list, marking the fifth consecutive year the company has attained this distinction. Such recognition underscores NeoVolta’s sustained dedication to innovation. The commendation from Solar Power World underscores the diligent efforts of NeoVolta’s engineering and design team in enhancing the innovation quotient of NeoVolta products.

To consistently secure a spot in Solar Power World’s elite list reflects NeoVolta’s unwavering commitment to crafting groundbreaking solutions prioritizing customer needs. The Solar Power World’s list, renowned for showcasing the year’s most inventive and recommended solar solutions, spotlighted NeoVolta’s NV-14 among eight distinguished products within the fiercely competitive “Residential Energy Storage Systems” segment.

The NV-14 garnered praise for its integration of AC, DC, and hybrid AC/DC solar functionalities into the 120V/240V and/or 208V hybrid 7.68-kW inverter. Furthermore, Solar Power World lauded the NV-14’s 14.4-kWh LFP battery system, featuring expandable upgrade options and adeptness in storing the solar energy post-sunset and during power outages.

Long celebrated for its exceptional performance, stringent safety standards, and product versatility, the NV-14 has garnered acclaim from both installers and consumers alike. Its innovative Lithium Iron Phosphate system mitigates the risk of thermal runaway compared to conventional lithium-ion storage systems, while its AC/DC compatibility optimizes battery utilization for residential settings.

NeoVolta takes pride in being recognized among the nation’s premier solar power products and extends gratitude to Solar Power World for its ongoing acknowledgment. The company remains steadfast in its commitment to serving households across the United States with cutting-edge and dependable solar storage solutions.

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