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Can Energy Transfer LP (NYSE: ET) Still Be Hot This Week?

Energy Transfer LP (NYSE:ET) traded at $15.48 at close of the session on Friday, June 07, made an upward move of 0.19% on its previous day’s price. Looking at the stock we see that its previous close was $15.45. The company has a trailing 12-month


Is It Time For Me To Buy Energy Transfer LP (NYSE: ET) Stock Now?

The trading price of Energy Transfer LP (NYSE:ET) closed lower on Monday, June 03, closing at $15.38, -1.85% lower than its previous close. The company’s P/E ratio in the trailing 12-month period was 14.15. In examining the 52-week price action we see that the stock


Energy Transfer LP (NYSE: ET) Stock: What You Missed This Week

Energy Transfer LP (NYSE:ET) price closed higher on Friday, May 24, jumping 0.19% above its previous close. A look at the daily price movement shows that the last close reads $15.41. The company’s P/E ratio in the trailing 12-month period read 14.21. Taking into account


A Look At The Behavior Of Energy Transfer LP (ET) Stock

Energy Transfer LP (NYSE:ET) concluded the trading at $15.41 on Thursday, May 23 with a fall of -2.03% from its closing price on previous day. Taking a look at stock we notice that its last check on previous day was $15.73. Company’s P/E ratio for